About Classes

About Classes
  • Courses duration range from 1-3 days.
  • Each session is of two and a half hours, from 11am-1.30 pm.
  • Detailed and accurate notes are provided for each class.
  • To enroll for a class, check the schedule and confirm your attendance by email or phone.
  • All material required for the class is arranged by us. Just book for the class and walk in.
  • Take home what you make.
  • The classes are for women and children only.
  • All classes are hands-on.
  • Weekend classes available.
  • Mentoring services for your food startup business.
  • Special package for would-be brides and foreigners.
  • Material sourcing assistance.
  • Attractive discounts on home appliances, spices etc. from our vendor partners.
  • Offline on-call support, beyond classroom.